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Featured Artist

Abstract Painter & Fashion Designer

"PASSIONS" Guest Artist

I moved to West Palm Beach after I graduated from music school. Living there, I knew that wasn’t the place for me. When I moved to Tampa, it felt like home. After I graduated with my BS, I worked in fashion. Working in fashion, fed my designing and creative side. My two kids and my clothing line was everything I wanted. 


As life has it, I was thrown a health challenge. After spraining my right ankle I was diagnosed with a rare chronic illness called RSD or CRPS- Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome. Unable to walk for a while and in constant pain, our lives  changed forever. Losing my business and seeing my kids hurting, wasn’t easy but that’s when art saved me.  


Painting gives me a freedom to let go. It allows me to put my pain on canvas. Whether I’m  and painting an  abstract, an animal or the clouds, I like to incorporate recycled materials. When someone connects with one of my paintings, it’s the best medicine. 

My artwork can be found at as well as on social media.

My wearable art can be found and purchased at

and at

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